Effortlessly build, deploy, and manage apps and infrastructure.

Let us be your platform team. Develop, Test, Launch and Monitor your Python apps all with our cloud assisted by our AI.

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In our app

You can write code and use our AI right in the app.


With your own flow

Or clone your project locally and work with your own tools.


Launch your app backend without the hassle of DevOps.

Transform your backend development with our AI, data storage and runtime solutions.

Boost Efficiency

No devops. Launch everything directly on our platform. We handle config, data storage and deployment.

Build More

Build, launch, deploy all in one place with our SDK, including NoSql DB, function runtime, and monitoring.

Lower Turnaround

Changes are made and features added as quick as you can ask our AI and press deploy.

Increase Reliability

Our hosting platform backs every tool, including testing and monitoring.

AI Assisted Development

Build quicker than the competition.

Build reliably, quickly, and stay ahead of everyone else with our integrated development suite. Data storage, configuration, and deployment all handled by us.

AI-Assisted Creation

Empowering your team with an intelligent development tool.

AI Assistant

Job Scheduling

Job scheduler built in so you can quickly automate repeated tasks.

Scheduled Jobs

One Click Deploy

Once your project is ready, just click deploy and it will be live instantly!

One Click Deploy

Pricing Tiers

Our Value-Packed Pricing Plans

Empower your organization with our serverless cloud



Essentials for Backend Development

AI-Assisted Backend Development

Config Storage

Online Code Editor

CLI and Local Development Integrations

5 Projects

Unlimited Uptime For Projects

Integrated Hosting & Storage

50GB Storage Cap


Per person


For Small Teams Looking To Use Our Platform

Everything in our Standard Tier

Unlimited Projects

Invite Other Users To Your Team

Increased Storage Up To 300GB

Cron Jobs

Automated Testing Protocols

Priority Email Support

Customized Onboarding Sessions

Contact us


Robust Guarantees For Large Organizations

Everything In Our Other Tiers

Unlimited Storage

SLA Guarantees

SSO Integration

Dedicated Account Manager

Technical Consultations For Building On Our Platform

Our Free Tier Supports

  • Creating Up To Two Projects
  • AI Code Generation and Assistant
  • Live Deployments (With Up To 750 Hours / Month Uptime Account Wide)
  • Hosted Data Storage (NoSQL and Blob Storage, 5GB Cap Per Project)
  • Config Storage
  • Our Online Editor
  • CLI and Local Development Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

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